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This What Can I Say to Myself? Chart will help students think positive about themselves, build self-confidence, and develop a growth mindset. This chart is a great visual reminder to students (and adults) that through a positive mindset, hard work, and dedication, they can improve themselves and their abilities. Hang this chart in any classroom, principal's office, hallway, college dorm, or other school setting.

What Can I Say To Myself? Chart:
No: I am not good at this. Yes: What am I missing?
No: I give up! Yes: I'm going to try again.
No: This is too hard. Yes: This may take some time and effort.
No: I can't make this better. Yes: I can always improve. I'll keep trying.
No: I made a mistake. Yes: Mistakes help me improve if I learn from them.
No: This is good enough. Yes: Is this really my best work?

  • Chart measures 17" x 22"
  • Back of chart includes reproducibles and activity ideas to reinforce skills