Game Hangle Fidget Toy

Game Hangle Fidget Toy

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Material and characteristics: The surface of the ABS material is painted with rubber, and the hand feels first-class. This handle has 6 functions, each of which has its own unique function.

Scroll the button, you will hear the sound of gears while rotating; Massage button, you can give your hand a massage, relaxing the tight fingers of the day; The paddle button, the retractable button, will immediately restore the original position every time it moves; Rotate the dial, experience the rotary dial.

Comfortable Operation: The game joystick is completely different from the first generation joystick. Our joystick is completely a game player-level joystick. When you press it, you feel that you are starting a game.

All buttons are very easy to press and won't hamper your performance. Better more ensure fantastic tactile feedback for maximum comfortable gaming experience.

Comes with a keychain, which is convenient to carry and prevent loss!