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Launch into intellectual orbit with a revolution in brain-busting fun!

The moment you pick up the Moonscape, all of your senses suddenly light up with intrigue.

"Great Scott! What a beaut!"

Start spinning the inner "core" and twisting the four cratered terrain disks and pretty soon you'll begin to feel the rumblings of a revolution growing in your mind.

No longer is your head stuck here on earth - The new frontier is space! And your mission? Black out the craters of the moon!

Twist and turn the core and terrain to line up the craters in the disks with the corresponding-sized black dots.

Think hard, think fast, and try not to lose your place! (Or your marbles!) - Once you perfectly match the dots with each of the eight crater openings, then that's it! You've done it! You've solved one of space's great mysteries!

(Go ahead and unfurl your flag, it's certainly a feat worth celebrating!)

Now, do you think you're ready for a space race? See how fast you can solve the puzzle!

The Apollo Moon Landing was a big leap for mankind. Experience the big leap of THINKING-kind with Moonscape!

  • An out-of-this-world brainteaser for THINKING-kind
  • Twist and turn the moonscape to solve the conundrum
  • Crater-covered moon terrain feels fabulous in hand
  • As brainteasers go, this one's a beauty!
  • Spinning core inside
  • 4 Spinning terrain disks outside
  • 8 Crater-openings to fill with correct scale of black dots
  • 20 Black dots on inner core, 4 sizes
  • Diameter 6 inches
  • Exceptionally high quality construction and materials