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Keep the traffic moving in the direction of FUN!

Lay out the 36 foam crosswalk mats in any configuration you want. Then, whoever wants to be the traffic cop first puts on the safety vest and spins the spinner for the first player to start crossing.

Spin the left arrow to move left, the right arrow to move right, the forward arrow to move one step forward, or the two forward arrows to move two steps forward.

If the spinner lands of the yield sign, you have to pick up a yield card and complete its challenge - "One round of rock-paper-scissors vs. the Traffic Cop." Or, if it lands on the stop sign - Oh no! - You have to skip your turn!

Meanwhile, if you land on a crosswalk with an arrow or a yield sign - follow that arrow and pick up that card!

The first player to make it across the crosswalks and to the traffic cop wins the game and gets to be the traffic cop for the next game!

Playtime fun moves in the right direction with the Traffic Cop game.

Traffic Cop

  • Game of following a spinner to cross the crosswalks
  • Encourages comprehension skills, logic, play skills, following directions
  • Lay out the foam crosswalk mats in any configuration you want
  • One player plays as the traffic cop - Spins the spinner for each player
  • Players take turns following the spinner
  • If the crosswalk you land on is printed with an arrow or yield sign, follow the arrow, take a card
  • Yield cards feature challenges to complete
  • If the spinner lands on the stop sign, you have to skip your turn
  • First player to make it across to the traffic cop wins the game, gets to be traffic cop in the next game
  • Includes game spinner (with arrow and base), 36 foam crosswalk mats, 27 yield cards, traffic cop safety vest
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High-quality materials - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay