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Do your kids need extra practice with cursive writing Give them their very own writing and drawing tablet. Traceable letters words and sentences will help kids master this lovely swirly-curly writing on their own. Directions instruct kids to Trace and write the sentence. Draw a picture to match the sentence. Once they catch on the first part changes to Write a sentence in cursive. The tablet also includes some playful traceable scenes for coloring and leaves room for drawing on most of the other pages. Although children learn keyboarding skills early these days cursive is alive and wellsome states even mandate instruction in it. Research suggests that handwriting continues to help with expressing ideasand boosting fine motor skills. This tablet features 78 ruled paper for accurate letter placement writing and drawing activities tear-away sheets and a page of colorful reward stickers. It also lies flat for ease of use and has a thick sheet of cardboard insert inside the back cover that makes it possible to use the tablet while holding it in ones lap. With this great tablet little learners get big practice at a small price. Product# 02677; ISBN-13: 978-1-681-47273-7; Contents: 96 Pages; Size: 10.875" x 7.75" x 0.25"; Ages 7-up