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Anaïs Winter Polaire is the big Corolle baby doll to play and pretend like the grown-ups.
It measures 36 cm, a size perfectly adapted to the small arms of the child to cuddle him, mother him and reproduce the gestures that make them grow up.

Her face, arms and legs, with the delicate scent of vanilla, are soft to the touch vinyl. His body is flexible to facilitate his movements and he remains seated. His thumb can stay in his mouth. With its sleepy eyes, it sleeps when you lay it on its back.

The Anaïs Winter Polaire baby doll is dressed in a skirt, a sweater and a pair of tights. He is wearing an elegant hat and wearing a pair of silver babies.

Anaïs Winter Polaire has a complete collection of clothes and accessories my large Corolle doll to imitate everyday gestures and invent multiple and varied play scenarios.

From 2 years old.